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The next generation of vegetables, fruits and berries

Agromarin fertiliser contains natural raw material and consists of more than 80 different minerals, vitamins and amino acids, and is completely free from artificial additives. Vegetables, fruits and berries cultivated with Agromarin have in tests given the products better taste, a higher amount of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and chlorophyll. The procreation level is also competitive with conventional levels.
Agrofertil International develops the product Agromarin. The company is located in Agro Business Park in Aarhus in Denmark. Agro Business Park is an international cluster and management organization with innovation, incubation and investment activities for biobased economics.

Agrofertil International will further develop and intensify the FOU of Agromarin through controlled growth trials in close collaboration with other research institutes. Agromarin will be on the market in 2018.
Agromarin will be a valuable subsidy for organic farming, and with increased growth rates and productivity it will be an incentive for farmers whom are currently cultivating conventional agriculture (using fertilizers) to convert more easily into organic farming. The sales potential for Agromarin is therefore large, not reserved for organic farming, but also for conventional production in a global perspective.
Agromarin fertilizer is a registered trademark.

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